People who are looking for replacement of their old machines, for a new one with Lenovo Laptop with Touch Screen will have plenty of options in the market. But when you have a budget constraint then you will find it hard to figure out one good mobile which will help you in all your work. If you are a professional then you will be looking for something that has enough speed and has long battery life as well, so that you can work for long hours without any interruptions.

Lenovo Laptop with Touch Screen

Leveno Laptops Touch Screen – Best Lenovo Touch Screen Laptop

Then, there are some laptops which are so heavy that it poses to be the biggest obstacle in the usage. The users are not able to roam around freely with the laptop due its weight. Therefore, the laptops those are high on performance and low in price will be the perfect choice of people who have been looking for a budget laptop. The price of Lenovo IdeaPad is $529.99 at and at this moment it is offering 34% discount as well. We would soon going to publish Lenovo Price List page where you will find all lenovo laptops price with details.


Lenovo IdeaPad Design & Display

If you are looking for something that will help you look smart and cool, then it might not be the perfect choice for you, but that doesn’t mean it is an ugly looking laptop. Instead the look of Lenovo IdeaPad is quite classic in itself. If you are trying to compare it with high end Lenovo Laptop Models in the market, then it might not score that well, but if you are looking for something which looks good and is not that costly, then this laptop surely will win some brownie points. The colors have definitely let it down because you cannot boast of great colors in this and the contrast is also not that good either. You will get 2.5 GHz Core processor in here.

Lenovo Laptop Touch Screen 15.6 of display and touchscreen options come in handy at times. The screen resolution is 1366 X 768 pixels and that is the maximum you can get out of it as well. It is the best Windows 8 Touchscreen Laptop that comes with Windows 8.1 operating system and has a glossy finish to it. You will get an entire plastic body on this laptop, but the end result is quite good. Though you are getting such a huge screen, but the laptop is not that thick in comparison to that. The only thing is that the screen is a bit heavier but that is mainly because they were trying to integrate the touch screen as well for this model. You might face some problem with the viewing angles because it is not that good vertically. It is one of the .


The Lenovo IdeaPad comes with 6GB of RAM and the memory speed is that of 1600 MHz. You will get 1TB in built HD with solid state memory. There is nothing to complain about the memory, instead it has worked on its memory pretty good.

Lenovo IdeaPad Battery

This one has somewhat become the lowest point of the system because it comes with a small battery that in turn doesn’t allow the system to run for a long time. If you are looking for something which will work for a minimum of 7 – 8 hours then this will let you down. This 1 Lithium ion battery provides power for 5 – 6 hours and after that you have to charge it again to continue your work. It comes with 2800 mAh battery which is equal to that of Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s battery so you can very well guess that it is not that good enough for extensive laptop use. You will be able to use it for a maximum time of 5 hours, that too in power saver mode, but if you use this laptop in the balanced mode then you will only get to work for 2.5 hours maximum.


The touch screen is a nice feature for those who don’t like the concept of keyboards much. You can tap with two fingers to enable right click and in order to scroll and swipe you will have to swipe with two fingers. It is one of the Best Lenovo Touch Screen Laptop recommended by us.

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Wrap up

If you are looking for something to replace your desktop, then it is quite a good choice in this price range. Lenovo IdeaPad is the Best Touch Screen Laptops for you.The weight of 5.9 pounds, makes it quite difficult to move around with it freely.

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