In these days, Laptop notebooks and Ultrabooks use less power than desktop PC computers, This is because laptops are specially designed to run on a battery and to be more energy efficient. Most of the power consumption of the laptop that depends on the size of the screen. On the laptop, typically you will find the power consumption as low as 16-20 watts. During the charging the notebook, the power consumption will automatically increase up to 20% to 25%. There are so many factors that we are considering while making a decision to purchase a laptop like portability, screen size, Storage Space, ease of upgrade and the main electricity consumption.

Most of the people use Desktop, Laptop, Ultrabook, without knowing how much energy it consumes. If you are looking for the best laptop or desktop with high-end configuration, you don’t need to think about the power consumption while buying the laptop or desktop because all types of high-end machine consume more energy than low configuration computers.

For example, you have the simple laptop that has Intel Atom processor with low configuration; then it will only consume few watts. If you have a high-end configuration Gaming laptop then it will consume more power than the simple laptop, So you can also say the power consumption fully depends on machine’s configuration.

Check for Maximum Power Rating

For the laptop, you will find the all energy consumption details (power rating) on the adapter of the laptop. The Maximum power rating depends on the manufacturing, Model, Type, screen size of the notebook. 

On the most of the laptops, the Maximum Rating of the power can range from 20W to 200. And for some of the models, it could be even higher to 250W. This Maximum Power Rating is still significantly low if you compare this with the high-end gaming laptops or desktops.

Use the cheap, simple watt-hour meterP3 P4400 Kill A Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

On the internet stores or any local store, you will find the best watt-hours meter to measure electricity consumption. A watt hours meter is a small sized electronic device that allows you to measure the power consumption of any devices like laptop and gaming console.

You can alternatively use P4400 by P3, which is a very good example of showing electricity usage on the screen.

To measure the power, only you have to plug your device’s adapter or plug in the Watt-hours meter then connect the meter, and now you can read the display.  

Using Joulemeter

You can also use the “Joulemeter” application. The Microsoft’s Joulemeter software allow you to calculate the uses of the power that used by the Windows laptop or desktop.

How many watts does a laptop use

The Joulemeter’s algorithm generates an approximate power consumption rating number. And It can determine the use of power without requiring the external power meter. If you want to precise calculations of the laptop of desktop power consumption, then you need to pay for WattsUp Pro power meter from $96 to $196/-. You can download joulemeter from here.


Now it’s time to wrap-up the topic as mentioned above. If you are asking about the how many watts is a laptop and how many watts does a laptop use, These all things are depended on the size of the screen and hardware configuration.

If you are asking about the power consumption, then it also depends on your usage time. So we recommend, you to use the cheap, simple watt-hour meter to measure the power consumption.