Intel is one of the most leading brands for computer processors for a long time. In the whole world, almost every computer and other computing devices like laptop, tablet, and desktop computer come with the Intel processors. The second most leading brand of the world of equipment, “AMD” is also out there running strong in the market. In the processor market, Intel’s Atom and Celeron processors come under the budget category. In this time, Intel Core service has become equivalent with the high-performance computing system.

Intel Atom vs. Celeron – Which One is Better

In this article, we have mentioned full details about the performance, structure, and features of the both processors. So Let’s take a look.

In the Computer market, the Intel has set the standard and prove that you don’t need many processor cores to offer the faster and reliable performance. Only the Intel’s Dual Core and Quad Core processors are sufficient to handle heavy tasks and multitasking. From the Intel, Core i5 and i7 processor series are newer generation computing system processors that come with the all new features and configuration to provides a faster and smooth performance while heavy tasks like Gaming, Graphics rendering.

About the Intel Celeron Processor

The Celeron is the brand name of the intel’s microprocessor and belongs to an Intel’s family, and it can also run all Intel architecture 32-bit programs and designed for the budget personal home computer with average ability to handle all daily computing need of any family. Most of the Intel Celeron processors comes with Dual Cores.

The Celeron processor comes with the speed of 1.0Ghz to highest 3.0Ghz. The Lower GHz for small devices like tablet, and Compbook. And the highest clock speed would be found on the desktop computers for heavy tasks and multitasking. The Intel Celeron processor consumes electrical power from 7W to 52W; It depends on the performance of your computer. The Intel’s Celeron Series processor is much more expensive than Intel’s Atom series processors.

About the Intel Atom Processor

The Intel Atom also belongs to Intel’s x86 and x86-64 processors family, and it’s mostly intended for the budget smartphone, tablets, and other small devices. In the market, you will find a lot of netbooks are available that comes with the Intel Atom processors. Intel’s Atom processors are the very cheapest processor in the market that comes with the lots of features and configuration like low power consumption, Good performance, and much more. For the smartphone and other smart devices, the Intel’s Atom processor comes with a clock speed from 1.44 GHz to 1.6 GHz for smooth performance.

The Atom and Celeron, both the processor are belongs to Intel family and comes with the different features and configuration. The Intel Atom and Celeron processors were not manufactured for the same purpose so comparing Intel Celeron vs. Atom are not fair. These both the processor are made for different devices, and they also have the different structure. The most important thing is, both the processors come with their advantages and disadvantages.

Among these processors, some perform at higher clock speed and provide a better processing speed, and some play at lower clock speed for low power consumption so we can say both processors have their advantages and disadvantages. Most of the processor are made from good battery life and for others does not matter battery life because they have higher clock speed to faster and smooth performance.


Regarding the above discus, the Intel Celeron is a winner of this battle because the Intel Celeron processor is equivalent to the budget-oriented computing system. But in the smartphone market, the Intel’s Atom is lost its opportunity after the Qualcomm. In this time, almost every smartphone comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

So we can say the winner is Intel Celeron processor among the Atom and Celeron. Regarding the Performance, both Atom and Celeron processors come with the lower clock speed with average performance.