Lenovo H50 Desktop computer comes with a lot of features and configuration such as stellar performance and provides a smooth web browsing experience. For the robust processing power, the Lenovo H50 desktop PC has powerful Intel Core i5 Quad Core Haswell high processor features a fast 3.2Ghz of clocked speed with turbo technology. If you are looking for the powerful desktop PC for your home and you are a heavy user, then the Lenovo H50 Desktop PC is the best option for you.

Lenovo H50 Desktop review

The Lenovo H50 desktop PC has enough expandability and power to handle heavy processing so don’t worry about the performance issue. For more powerful and stunning performance, The Lenovo H50 desktop computer comes with the massive 8GB of RAM memory with the expandable slot to expand the RAM memory. Let’s check out the design and features of this desktop.

Features and design of Lenovo H50

For the connectivity, the Lenovo H50 has rear connectors such as 2x USB 3.0 port, 2x USB 2.0 port, HDMI port, and VGA port. The H50 desktop PC also support a dual monitor setup with HDTV, 3x Audio Jacks that support for 5.1 audio surround sound.

For wireless connectivity, the Lenovo H50 desktop PC has a built-in 802.11a/c/b/g/n with Bluetooth Card for wireless music streaming and Gigabit RJ-45 port that allow you to LAN connection to the desktop.

lenovo DVD blue ray drive

On the front side of the desktop, you will find the DVD burner tray and writer, 2x USB 2.0, 3.5m audio output & MIC in jack, and 7 in One SD card reader. The Lenovo H50 desktop computer comes with a DVD-RW optical drive, but it does not support Blu-Ray drive.

The Lenovo H50 desktop PC has mini tower type metal and plastic body design the measures a 13.98 by 6.30 by 16.14 inches (HxWxD). The Body of the Lenovo H50 desktop PC has the black matte finish and feature a dual tone Gray, & Black front panel along with the Silver colors back trim.

Performance and Storage

The Lenovo H50 desktop PC powered by an Intel’s fourth generation Core i5-4460 Quad Core Haswell processor along with the Intel HD 4600 Graphics Chipset for rendering the HD quality graphics while multitasking or web browsing. The processor of the H50 desktop PC comes with a 3.4Ghz of turbo boost technology that increases the processing speed up to 10%.

The Lenovo H50 desktop computer comes with a massive high-performance 8GB of DDR3 RAM memory for faster and stunning performance while multitasking or heavy usage. The H50 desktop comes with two memory slots to expand the RAM memory up to 16GB. That mean, you can expand the RAM memory by using the expandable slots on the motherboard. With this desktop PC, you will also get the PCI Express (PCIe) port that allows you to add the dedicated graphics card. But the power supply of the Lenovo H50 desktop may note supports high-end graphics cards so please check the details before buying a new Graphics card for this PC if you have already one.

For the storage, the H50 desktop PC has massive 1TB of SATA Hard Disk Drive storage that spins at 7200 RPM speed. But the SATA Hard Disk Drive is quite slow and provides a mediocre performance than Solid State Drives.

The Lenovo H50 desktop computer does not include a Monitor, Mouse, and Keyboard. But you have lots of options on the online such as wireless mouse, Wireless keyboard that provides a better wireless and typing experience.


The Lenovo H50 desktop computer is a fully general purpose desktop PC that comes with the all standard features and configuration that you can buy in this price range. You can use this PC for all general kind of stuff like Watching movies at Full HD quality, Photo Editing, Music streaming, and surf internet at the faster speed. The Lenovo H50 desktop is best for the home that comes with an enough power to handle all daily computing need of any family.

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